Same as english but it has these shortcuts;

Sh: Ş or ş

Ch: Ç or ç

Zh: Ź or ź

Pt: ƥ no matter what

qu: Ø ø

ll: Ľ ľ

AE: æ Æ

oi: Ʊ ʊ

Ag: Ə ǝ

Ny: Ɲ ƞ

SS: Ƨ ƨ

And if its is a "i" in Chirp so that it is a different voice, it is ü

And if he k is harden than usual its a Q

so hello is HEĽO

Agony: ƏOƝ

Aerogel: ærogel

Chirper: Çürper


if the sentence is sarcastic then it ends with *

if its is a normal sentence then it ends with ^

If it is a suprize it ends with ~

If its a question it end with +

There is a comma and it looks like this: -

There is no apostrephe (')

Its not the end

If you have the ng in king or ring it is an Ŋ or ŋ. And if you have a e that does not give a sound like purple it is an é or É. If you have th then it is ƌ or Ƌ

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